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UV Topcoat Semi-Gloss Finish (For Light Colour)
Product Quantity 9 lbs
Colours Steel Grey & Tile Red
Pot Life 15 Minutes
Dry Time 8-10 Hours FT | 5-6 Hours RC | 12-16 Hours LT | 18-24 Hours FC
SF Or LF 70-80 SF
Area Or Depth 10 mils
Floor Or Wall Floors & Walls
Interior or Exterior Interior & Exterior
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • Odourless, non-toxic, non-tainting, no ventilation required

  • Pre-measured unit for easy handling and mixing

  • Easy application, no primer required

  • Non-yellowing, UV Stable system

  • Co-efficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete

  • Meets Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards

  • Superior adhesion & chemical resistance

  • Excellent performance under thermally induced stresses such as steam cleaning

  • Easy maintenance

  • Thermal shock resistant, resistant to fungi and to mold growth

  • Self-extinguishing

  • Semi-gloss finish

  • Pot life is shorter at higher temperature. Do not use below 5oC or above 30oc. Do not allow resins to freeze

  • URECO XTC is applied with a squeegee and a 10mm nap roller or brush at 10 mils. Push the material into the surface, making sure the floor is fully wetted, then pull back lightly with the roller to the required thickness. Application of the perimeter can be achieved with a paint brush beforehand