CONSOLIDECK – Concrete Prep Chemicals

CLC System - Wet / Dry 7 Step

The CLC Diamond System is a coordinated metal and resin bonded diamond system to perform highly polished concrete using any of the eight models of Prep/Master® machines. The CLC Diamond System is only to be used dry for step #1, wet for steps #2, #3 & #4 and dry for steps #5, #6 & #7 and in sequence as numbered by tools #1 through #7. All tools are painted red or use red Velcro to indicate a matched system.

CLC diamond system

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Consolideck Grind and Fill

Liquid crack and gap filler for concrete grinding and polishing

Liquid Consolideck® Grind-N-Fill mixes with the dust created while grinding concrete floors to create a super-durable matrix that automatically fills pinholes, small air voids and pop-outs, micro-cracks and other gaps in the concrete surface, during grinding.

Grind-N-Fill creates a monolithic surface that polishes faster, easier and more effectively. With gaps and imperfections filled, the floors accept hardener/densifiers, protective treatments and color-stains and hardeners more evenly.

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Consolideck Cleaner Degreaser

Commercial-strength detergent

An environmentally responsible alternative to industrial degreasing solvents, PROSOCO Cleaner/Degreaser scours widespread oil and grease films, adhesive tape residues and rubber tire marks and scuffs from most masonry surfaces, including concrete floors.

Cleaner/Degreaser cuts through greasy fuel and oil residues and atmospheric soiling without using the harsh acids, caustics and solvents common to many other industrial degreasers. It’s perfect for prepping greasy, grimy floors in warehouses, manufacturing plants, machine shops and other industrial sites for protective treatments and coatings.

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Consolideck Oil and Grease Stain Remover

Poultice cleaner for embedded oil and grease stains

PROSOCO Oil and Grease Stain Remover is a poultice cleaner for pulling stubborn oil and grease stains out of pavers, concrete, stone and other porous surfaces. Just pour Oil & Grease Stain Remover on the embedded stain. It spreads out to make an instant poultice – no mixing, troweling, plastic covering or tape needed.

As the poultice dries, it pulls the contaminants out of the substrate, capturing them in its highly absorbent blend of batter-thick surfactants, solvents and powders. After a 5-8 hour dwell, simply sweep up the dried poultice and its absorbed contaminants for easy disposal.

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Consolideck Safetch

Non-fuming cleaner

SafEtch is an effective, safe alternative to traditional acidic compounds for cleaning and preparing horizontal or vertical concrete for application of additional coatings, including hardeners/densifiers and clear or pigmented coatings.

SafEtch rids surfaces of embedded oil, grease, excess mortar, efflorescence and dirt. On cementitious surfaces, the cleaner dissolves a small amount of the surface while the aggregates remain untouched. That mild “etch” creates greater surface area, for more complete penetration and effectiveness of any protective treatment. It’s ideal for projects where traditional acidic cleaners are not allowed.

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Consolideck Cure and Seal Remover

High-powered surface prep cleaner for concrete floors

Easy-to-use PROSOCO Cure & Seal Remover preps concrete floors and exterior flatwork for hardening and densifying or other penetrating protective treatments, as well as grinding, polishing and staining. Cure & Seal Remover quickly removes the toughest high-solids cure and seals from floors, patios, driveways and other concrete flatwork. That leaves the concrete free of old coatings that can block treatments from penetrating, or clog up the heads on grinding and polishing equipment. Cure & Seal Remover is water-rinsable and fully complies with all known VOC (volatile organic compound) regulations.

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