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Smith's Poly-WB


2-Component High Performance Waterborne Polyester Polyurethane Sealer
Product Quantity 1.5 gal
Colours Clear
Working Time 50-60 Minutes
Pot Life 1-2 Hours
Low Sheen - Dry Time 7-24 Hours RC | 30-36 Hours FT | 40 Hours HFT | 72 Hours VT | 7 Days Chemical Resistance
Gloss - Dry Time 3-24 Hours RC | 16-18 Hours FT | 24 Hours HFT | 48 Hours VT | 7 Days Chemical Resistance
SF Or LF 270 SF | 200 SF
Area Or Depth 3.14 mils | 4.24 mils
Floor Or Wall Floors & Walls
Interior or Exterior Interior & Exterior
Hardness (Pencil) H-G | 2H-LS
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
HFT Heavy Foot Traffic (Forklift)
VT Vehicular Traffic
FUT Full Traffic
  • For solid colours tint with Smith's WSC Color Packs - Sold separately

  • Smith’s Poly-WB is a 2-Component, High Solids Waterborne Polyester Polyurethane sealer used as a hard, durable protective or maintenance wear surface over decorative concrete, pavers, concrete stains, etc. with heavy foot traffic exposure

  • RECOMMENDED AS A FINAL TOPCOAT FOR: Commercial & Residential: Decorative & Stamped Concrete; Concrete Countertops; Terrazzo; Garage Floor Coatings; Mechanical Rooms; Sealer for Vinyl Chip resinous coating systems; Clean Rooms; Pavers

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Good Pot-life – 2 hours at 75°F / 50% Humidity; U.V. Stable; Stain & Chemical Resistant; More Durable than traditional solvent based Acrylic Sealers; Easy to Clean & Maintain; Wet Look – Enhances Colors; Hot Tire Pickup Resistant; Low VOC’s

  • NECESSARY TOOLS and EQUIPMENT: Paint Mixing Paddle attached to a low Speed drill (≤450 RPM); Premium, Non-Shed Paint Roller Covers (nap size varies); Painters Tape; Chip Paint Brushes; Paint Roller Frames with Extension Pole; Cleaning Solvent (Use soap/water while wet; Xylene or MEK if freshly cured)

  • Application Method: Smith’s Poly-WB may be applied via brush or roller. Application rate must be kept above 200 square feet per gallon to avoid bubbles created from off gassing (resulting from thicker application). NOTE: DO NOT APPLY material if humidity is over 90% and ventilation is poor. Improper cure will result

  • Roller Application: Use a 3/4 inch (heavy texture) or 3/8 inch nonshed roller cover. Smith’s Poly-WB can be roller applied onto Smith’s Color Floor or Smith’s Color Accents via the dip & roll method out of a paint tray. DO NOT OVER-APPLY or ALLOW EXCESS PUDDLING of Smith’s Poly-WB as whitening and/or bubbles may occur. Best practice is to pour the mixed contents into a tall paint tray, such as a Wooster® Wide Boy™ 5 gallon paint tray then dip the paint roller into the mixture coat the roller head then roll off any excess into the paint tray avoiding liquid build-up on the sides of the roller caps and/or the frame. Then roll out evenly onto the surface in a V-shaped pattern working across the area while overlaying one side of the roller to connect and evenly place the Poly-WB ensuring a uniform film thickness. Finish by extending the roller out to the furthest point of this area and pull back across the surface with light pressure in a straight line to remove roller marks and overlap each pass by 1/2” continuing across the entire section. Continue until the entire area desired is topcoated & allow to cure. If the appearance is less than unsatisfactory, repeat the finish roll process again until a satisfactory appearance is achieved

  • Brush Application: Utilize traditional bristle paint brush application for corners, control joints and other hard to reach places. Recoating: Smith’s Poly-WB may be recoated after a minimal cure time of 12 hours, but no longer than 24 hours. After a cure time of 24 hours, abrade the Smith’s Poly-WB film with a green floor buffing pad or a 150 grit sanding screen before recoating

  • Smith’s Poly-WB can used to seal directly over Smith’s Color Floor stain which has been applied to a properly prepared substrate