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Smith's Poly SB

Poly SB

2-Component Acrylic-Modified Solvent-Based Polyurethane Exterior Sealer
Product Quantity 1.5 gal | 15 gal
Colours Clear | Tint With Smith's Royal Tint Color Packs (Sold Separately)
Working Time 30 Minutes
Pot Life 2 Hours
Dry Time 60 Minutes TF | 4 Hours FT | 12-16 Hours HFT | 3 Days VT | 7-10 Days Chemical Resistance
SF Or LF 321 SF | 244 SF
Area Or Depth 3 mils/gal | 4 mils/gal
Floor Or Wall Floors & Walls
Interior or Exterior Interior & Exterior
Hardness (Pencil) F-G | 2H-LS
Tensile Strength 4000
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
HFT Heavy Foot Traffic (Forklift)
VT Vehicular Traffic
FUT Full Traffic
  • Smith’s Poly-SB is a 2-component, low viscosity, Acrylic-Modified Solvent-borne Polyurethane primer/ sealer used as a protective or maintenance wear surface over decorative concrete, pavers, concrete stains, etc. with superior adhesion, abrasion resistance, gloss retention, stain resistance versus typical low solids single component solvent based acrylic sealers. Available in both Gloss & Low Sheen finishes. Smith’s Poly-SB achieves a wet-look to boost colour & depth of stains

  • RECOMMENDED AS A FINAL TOPCOAT FOR: Commercial & Residential: Stained Concrete, Decorative & Stamped Concrete, Pavers

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Fast Curing but Good Pot-life; Recoat in 90 minutes at 75°F / 50% Humidity; 2 hour Pot-Life at 75°F / 50% Humidity; U.V. Stable; Stain Resistant; More Durable than traditional solvent based Acrylic Sealers; Easy to Clean & Maintain; Wet Look – Enhances Colours; Hot Tire Pickup Resistant; Low VOC’s

  • LIMITATIONS: AVOID applying Smith’s Poly-SB while humidity is greater than 90% during installation; DENSE/SMOOTH SURFACES - Use over dense, minimally profiled surfaces requires scrubbing with a nylon bristle brush attached to an orbital floor buffer with Smith’s CT-8 and water followed by thorough water rinsing with a pressure washer; HEAVY TEXTURE SURFACES - Use a ¾” nap roller cover when applying over heavy texture surfaces, such as knockdown overlays or heavy stamped patterns, while ensuring no puddling remain; DO NOT APPLY Smith’s Poly-SB/LS Low Sheen directly to bare concrete without first applying a primer layer of Gloss Poly-SB/G; DO NOT PUDDLE – Maximum single layer thickness wet should not exceed 200 sq.ft. per gallon (8 mils WFT) to avoid solvent entrapment; DO NOT INSTALL when the Dew point is within ±5° of the temperature

  • NECESSARY TOOLS and EQUIPMENT: Paint Mixing Paddle attached to a low speed drill (≤450 RPM); Premium, Non-Shed Paint Roller Covers (nap size varies); Painters Tape; Chip Paint Brushes;+M52 Paint Roller Frames; Extension Pole; Cleaning Solvent (Use water while wet; Xylene or MEK if freshly cured)

  • SEALER OVER A NEW COATING SYSTEM: Ensure the previous layer has cured enough to receive another layer, shows no indication of blushing and has NOT exceeded the recoat window. Correct any surface imperfections in the previous layer prior to top-coating. It is highly recommended to degloss the surface of epoxy and other prior layers to remove surface imperfections and to achieve ideal inter-coat adhesion between layers, especially in wheeled traffic environments or if the previous layer has cured beyond the recoat window. *See Screen/Sanding below for instructions

  • TOPCOAT EXISTING SEALER or STAINED CONCRETE: Adhesion to any existing sealer is only as good as the adhesion the existing sealer has to its substrate. Always test to determine the suitability of an existing substrate and mock-ups are highly encouraged. Apply a test area then perform a tape test to determine whether the existing coating is a suitable substrate and if optimal adhesion to its substrate exists

  • NEW CONCRETE: Ensure the bleed water has escaped new concrete surfaces and clean with Smith’s CT-8 / pressure wash prior to sealing with Smith’s Poly-SB. When a low sheen is desired, always apply a primer coat of Smith’s Poly-SB/G Gloss first to ensure a uniform finish film appearance with the topcoat of Smith’s Poly-SB/LS Low Sheen

  • NEW STAINED CONCRETE: Smith’s Poly-SB can used to seal directly over Smith’s Color Floor stain, Acid Stains, traditional stamped concrete, integrally coloured concrete and cementitious overlays once the substrate has been properly prepared. (See Smith’s Color Floor and Smith’s Green Clean Pro data sheets for more details)