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Smith's Epoxy UCE200

Epoxy UCE200

Ultra Clear Decorative Multi-purpose 100% Solids Epoxy
Product Quantity 3 gal
Colours Clear
Working Time 75 Minutes
Pot Life 60 Minutes
Dry Time 8 Hours TF | 12-24 Hours RC | 24 Hours FT | 48 Hours VT | 7 Days Chemical Resistance
SF Or LF 133 SF
Area Or Depth 12 mils
Floor Or Wall Floors & Walls
Interior or Exterior Interior
Hardness (Pencil) D67
Compressive Strength (PSI) 10486
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
HFT Heavy Foot Traffic (Forklift)
VT Vehicular Traffic
FUT Full Traffic
  • Smith’s Epoxy UCE200 Ultra Clear Decorative 100% Solids Epoxy offers high clarity with an extended flow time on the floor. This self-leveling, low odour epoxy is an excellent choice as the body coat for Metallic & Luster coatings as well as other commercial and decorative floor coating systems such as solid colours, Vinyl Chip or Color Quartz broadcast floors. Accepts Smith’s Epoxy U.V. Absorber additive

  • RECOMMENDED USES: Residential, Retail & light Commercial applications; Matrix for Metallic & Luster coatings; Matrix for broadcast systems - Vinyl Chip or Color Quartz; Solid Color Thin-mil Floor Coating Systems Patching cracks, gouges, chips, etc. (when mixed with Silica Fume and/or sand)

  • HIGHLIGHTS: Multipurpose – Use for Priming, Body Coats, Grout Coats, or Patching; Good Pot-Life with Superior Flow and Leveling Characteristics vs. traditional Multi-porous Epoxy floor coatings; Tenacious bond to properly prepared concrete; High Clarity; Low Odor & Low VOC - Complies with VOC regulations for industrial maintenance coatings in the OTC & SCAQMD

  • LIMITATIONS: Not U.V. Stable – All epoxy will amber over time. Ambering will be more noticeable with lighter colours, both solid pigmented and Metallic & Luster, as well as when applied clear over decorative broadcast or Color Quartz - Smith’s Epoxy U.V. Absorber additive (sold separately) can be used to lessen U.V. damage / discolouration; A primer coat is required prior to application of Smith’s UCE200

  • NECESSARY TOOLS and EQUIPMENT: Plastic Sheeting to cover floor for mix station; 3-Blade or Bird Cage flat ring bottom style mixing paddle; Low speed ½” drill (Variable Speed; less than 450 RPM); Mixing Buckets or Portable Mix Stations; Premium, Non-Shed 3/8" Nap Paint Roller Covers; Paint Roller Frame with Extension Pole; Spiked shoes or Cleats; Cleaning Solvent (Acetone, Denatured Alcohol, MEK, or Xylene); Notched Squeegee, Magic Trowel, Flat Squeegee or Flex Steel Blade Smoother (Application dependent)

  • Prime first: See TDS for which primers to use for which conditions

  • Pour contents of the Part B into the Part A pail then mix using a ½” low speed drill (less than 450 RPM’s) with a paint mixing paddle for 2 to 3 minutes. Immediately pour out the mixed Smith’s Epoxy UCE200 in ribbons onto the floor and continue this process tying into the wet edge with freshly mixed Smith’s Epoxy UCE200 until complete

  • OPTIONAL LAYERS or TOPCOATS: Allow the surface of Smith’s Epoxy UCE200 to thoroughly harden before walking on, sanding or applying additional layers and/or topcoats. Cooler temperatures will extend the cure time while hotter temperatures will reduce pot life and cure times.*See page 1 for approx. cure time references based on typical application temperatures

  • RECOAT WINDOW: *See page 1 for approx. recoat window based on typical application temperatures Sand, clean then solvent wipe / tack rag between coats for optimal appearance, especially when a gloss topcoat will be the final layer. After allowing Smith’s Epoxy UCE200 to cure overnight, use a low speed floor machine with 100 to 120 grit screens to scuff the surface then thoroughly clean and tack rag to remove dust prior to applying topcoats

  • Recommended Topcoats: Smith’s Poly WB/G (High Performance, Gloss Waterborne Polyurethane); Smith’s Poly WB/LS (High Performance, Gloss Waterborne Polyurethane); Smith’s MCU-60 (Solvent-based, High Gloss 60% Solids, Moisture Cured Urethane); Smith’s Poly 2K-90 (Low Odor, High Gloss, 90% Solids Chemical Resistant Urethane); Smith’s Hi-Wear 90S (Low Odor, Low Sheen, 90% Solids High Traffic Chemical Resistant Urethane)