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Prep Repair



Non-Fuming Cleaner
Product Quantity 1 gal
Colours Clear Purple Liquid
PH < 1.0 at 1:3 Dilution
SF Or LF 100-500 SF
Area Or Depth /gal
Floor Or Wall Floors & Walls
Interior or Exterior Interior & Exterior
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • For removing common construction soiling, including mortar smears

  • Effective on fired clay surfaces using latex-modified grout

  • Replaces traditional mineral and organic acid products

  • Removes efflorescence on decorative paving treatments

  • Low odour and water-rinsable. (Venting needed for interior applications)

  • Non-fuming and environmentally responsible

  • Will not harm most cleaning equipment or metal surfaces

  • Safe for interior cleaning

  • Not suitable for polished/unpolished marble, limestone or travertine

  • May cause discolouration and corrosion on certain types of metals. ALWAYS TEST

  • Not for use on treated low-E glass; acrylic and polycarbonate sheet glazing; and glazing with surface-applied reflective, metallic or other synthetic coatings and films

  • Pre-wet surface, apply liberally, dwell 3-5 min, reapply, scrub lightly, (do not let dry), rinse with fresh water. (Rinse bottom to top)