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Decorative Colour

Consolideck Integral Color for Overlays

Liquid Colour For Use With Concrete Overlays
Product Quantity 10 oz
Colours See Resources Tab For All 18 Available Colours
PH 7.9 to 9.9
Floor Or Wall Floors & Walls
Interior or Exterior Interior & Exterior
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • See specific overlay you will be using for additional information about working time, pot life, finish time, SF or LF, & area or depth

  • Colours: Black 2583, Light Grey 2559, Medium Grey, Nutmeg 2553, Slate Green 2570, Terracotta 2566, Tile Red 2571, Walnut 2563, White 2561

  • Consolideck® Integral Color for Overlays is a pre-measured liquid colour concentrate specially formulated to mix with overlays and polishable overlays

  • Pre-measured. One 10-fluid ounce bottle of colour per bag of overlay

  • VOC-compliant. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Non-corrosive. Low-odour

  • Water-based, formulated for easy cleanup and no-hassle shipping

  • UV-resistant. They can be applied outdoors when used with exterior-grade cementitious overlays

  • Manufactured to strict standards to ensure colour uniformity and consistency

  • Overlay colour, composition, aggregate exposure and finish will affect the final colour

  • Grinding and polishing the integrally coloured overlay will change the final colour and appearance compared to the unpolished overlay

  • Water content is critical to the self-leveling characteristic of overlays. Adjusting the water content when adding integral colourants can have varying results in the physical properties of the overlay. Always test

  • See TDS for application instructions