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PROSOCO Consolideck Grind N Fill

Consolideck Grind-N-Fill

Liquid Crack & Gap Filler For Concrete Grinding & Polishing
Product Quantity 5 gal
Colours Clear
PH 8.9
Dry Time 2-12 Hours FC
SF Or LF 200-400 SF
Area Or Depth /gal
Floor Or Wall Floors
Interior or Exterior Interior
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • Easy application with pump-up sprayer

  • Automatically fills gaps, voids and pop-outs during grinding operations

  • Quickly cures to concrete hardness

  • Dilutable with clean water to meet a variety of job site and equipment conditions

  • Treated surfaces polish faster and easier

  • Protective treatments, colourants and other applications go on more smoothly and evenly

  • Treated floors are easier to maintain; less likely to trap dirt and other contaminants

  • Complies with all known AIM VOC regulations

  • Conforms to leading green building standards and code criteria

  • Complies with all known AIM VOC regulations

  • Do not freeze

  • If diamonds gum up or glaze over, dilute GrindN-Fill with up to 50 percent water. This may also help on concrete slabs that are hot and dry

  • Apply using low pressure sprayer

  • INSTALLATION GUIDELINES: Consolideck® Grind-N-Fill should be applied close to or during the final stage of metal grinding operations. Always test to determine best practices for job site conditions

  • 1. If the grinder is connected to a vacuum hose, disconnect it. Disconnecting the vacuum prior to application helps get dust into the product for a smooth, thick filler

  • 2. Apply Grind-N-Fill by spray on the floor immediately in the grinder’s path. Coat floor up to 10 feet or less in front of the grinder. Saturate the floor, but do not create puddles

  • 3. Grind the wet floor until dry. Ensure the grinder reaches treated areas before Grind-NFill dries

  • 4. Let the floor dry 2–12 hours for maximum curing

  • 5. Reconnect vacuum hose (if needed) and continue grinding and polishing. The preceding instructions are guidelines that can be modified for specific equipment, job site conditions or personal experience