STI Backed Metals

  • Excellent life and cutting ability for prepping concrete for coatings or for polishing.  Many different options and configurations are available including
  • 5 Segment – 16 Grit and 30 Grit Soft Bond
  •  10 Segment – 16, 30, 70, 120 Grit Medium Bond
  • 2 Bar Prep Tool – 18/20 Grit Extra Soft
  • Multiple PCD Options



Diamond Hard Brand Metal Bond Diamonds


We have access to metal diamonds pads for all major brands of machines including HTC, SASE, Diamatic, Terrco, Innovatech, Lavina, Werkmaster and New Grind.  Our experience and knowledge allows us to suggest the best diamonds for the right application.  We are confident that you will find our house brand of metal bond diamonds to stay sharp and last.