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Crack Repair

SRG Colour Pack

SRG Colour Pack

Custom Coloured Joint Filler Or Surface Repair Materials
Product Quantity N/A
Colours 12 Colour Packs Available
Working Time 5-8 Minutes
Pot Life 5 Minutes
Dry Time 15 Minutes Slight Cure | 20-30 Minutes TF | 40 Minutes Grind | 2 Hours FC
SF Or LF 435-875 SF
Area Or Depth /gal
Floor Or Wall Floors
Interior or Exterior Interior
Compressive Strength (PSI) 4767
Tensile Strength 4184
Shore Hardness D70-75
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • Available in 12 colours to best camouflage floor surface pitting and surface imperfections

  • Rapid-set formula allows for quick access to floor areas and grinding as early as 40 minutes after application (@70°) or 20 minutes with Accelerator Pack

  • Low viscosity allows for penetration into very small surface pits and imperfections

  • Yields a smoother, denser floor surface which can aid in achieving higher gloss and DOI values

  • SRG is designed primarily for fine grouting and not for use in repairing surface defects larger than ½” unless modified with sand aggregate or Rapid Set® TRU® and TRU® PC

  • Depending upon surface conditions and/or environmental conditions, more than one coat of product may be required

  • SRG may exhibit slight colour change or shifting if exposed to UV emitting lighting sources

  • Use only in well-ventilated areas

  • SRG will exhibit a moisture reaction on damp or wet surfaces; repair area should be dry

  • SRG can also be mixed with sand aggregate to create a repair mortar suitable for joints, cracks, and larger surface defects

  • Apply material generously on the floor and work into the surface using a metal smoother, rigid-edged trowel or screeding device. Monitor surface for air holes resulting from entrapped air and re-apply as needed. In some cases, more than one coat will be required for best results. If two coats are desired, first coat should be ground off prior to installing a second coat

  • When sequencing product installation as part of a concrete grinding/polishing process, install prior to your last metal or transitional tooling step. Use the least aggressive tooling which successfully removes the product and avoids opening more air holes/voids in the floor surface

  • SRG, when used as a repair mortar, should be allowed to cure for 2 hours or more prior to removing overfill material. Overfill can be removed with a diamond cup wheel or similar. If pin holes are present at the surface, fine grouting with additional SRG neat may be desired