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Joint Fillers



Concrete Floor Joint Filler That Fills and Protects
Product Quantity 1 gal | 10 gal (Pump Version)
Colours Standard Grey (Optional Custom Colour By Special Order)
Pot Life 15-30 Minutes
Dry Time 6-8 Hours FT/LT | 8-12 Hours FC
SF Or LF 100 LF/gal
Area Or Depth 1/8" x 1-1/2"
Floor Or Wall Floors
Interior or Exterior Interior
Tensile Strength 1300
Shore Hardness A90-95
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • MM-80 is a two-component, 100% solids content epoxy joint filler. When cured, MM-80 is a gray, semi-rigid (hard but slightly resilient) filler with a Shore hardness of A90-95

  • MM-80’s superior formulation yields sufficient rigidity to support loads crossing joints, protecting edges from spalling, and sufficient resiliency to prevent brittleness throughout the floor’s life

  • MM-80 is also available in a silicone free version for use in paint and automobile facilities. Please contact us for more details

  • MM-80’s relative hardness has been gradually increased through the years to reflect increasing demands on floors created by heavier loads and smaller, harder vehicle wheels

  • MM-80 is the joint filler upon which ACI and PCA standards are based. You can specify and use MM-80 with the confidence that comes from a project-proven track record of more than forty-five years, and with the knowledge that you are relying on the best floor joint protection available in the industry

  • MM-80 is not designed for use in: True expansion/isolation joints; Exterior joints (paving, etc.); Joints exposed to extreme chemical exposure; Joints under VCT/seamless floor coverings (in most settings)

  • MM-80 may yellow or discolor if exposed to: UV rays from certain types of lighting; Temporary and/or propane heating systems; External environmental factors and/or chemical components. (Discoloration is more likely when material installation occurs in colder temperatures)

  • MM-80 is acceptable for use in floors subject to inspection/regulation by USDA/FDA and Environment Canada/CFIA. MM-80 contains no VOC’s and fully complies with all LEED® green building standards. Use only in well ventilated areas

  • The installation of MM-80 should be deferred as long as possible after slab placement, and should not be installed prior to 30 days to ensure adequate adhesion; refrigerated areas stabilized and held for an additional 7-14 days or longer. Joints should be completely free of saw laitance, dirt, debris, coatings/sealers and frost or visible moisture. If possible concrete staining from joint filler overfill is an issue, apply Metzger/McGuire’s SPF (stain preventing film) prior to material installation, being careful to prevent SPF from entering joints, as it may compromise adhesion.Do not use compressible backer rod (Ethafoam, etc) in saw cut joints less than 2” deep; can put in cold joints (through slab construction joints)

  • MM-80 should be installed using a two pass method. The first pass should fill the joint to within 1/2” of floor surface. Within 60-90 minutes (at 70˚F) overfill joint with a second pass, leaving material “crowned” above floor.Check joints periodically to ensure low spots do not occur due to seepage. Do not fill flush and leave, as low filler profile is likely to occur. Allow material to cure into solid (approximately 6-8 hours minimum) and shave or grind material flush with floor surface