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Joint Fillers

Edge-Pro 90

Edge-Pro 90

The New Industry Standard for Industrial Concrete Floors
Product Quantity 10 gal
Colours Dovetail Grey
Dry Time 45-50 Seconds Gel Time | 10-15 Minutes TF | 45 Minutes FT, FC
SF Or LF 100 LF/gal
Area Or Depth 1/8" x 1-1/2"
Floor Or Wall Floors
Interior or Exterior Interior
Tensile Strength 920
Shore Hardness A90-92
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • Edge-Pro 90 is a two-part, 100% solids, rapid-setting polyurea polymer liquid system. When cured, Edge-Pro 90 is a rubberlike solid with a hardness of Shore A 90-92

  • Edge-Pro 90w Finishes Flusher with the Floor Surface (permits for wider shave)

  • Edge-Pro 90 is Less Reactive to Moisture (better adhesion)

  • Edge-Pro 90 is Colourfast (resistant to yellowing/fading)

  • Edge-Pro 90 Provides Unequalled Durability (rapid access timne to floor areas, reduced material loss through joint shrinkage, no heating is required during overfill removal)

  • Edge-Pro 90 is acceptable for use in USDA, FDA, and CFIA regulated facilities. Edge-Pro 90 contains no VOC’s and is fully compliant with USGBC® LEED v4.1 green building standards

  • Use only in well-ventilated areas

  • Edge-Pro 90 is not recommended for use under VCT or other non-breathable flooring systems

  • Edge-Pro 90 should be installed full joint depth in sawcut contraction/control joints (or 2” minimum in saw-cut joints exceeding 2” in depth) per PCA and ACI guidelines

  • In construction (formed) joints that are not saw-cut, Edge-Pro 90 should be installed at a minimum 2” depth. DO NOT USE COMPRESSIBLE BACKER ROD IN STANDARD SAW-CUT CONTRACTION/CONTROL JOINTS! Rod may be used 2” down in construction or saw-cut joints exceeding 2” in depth ONLY

  • Joints can be filled in one or two passes, depending upon joint depth and dispensing tip used. Preferred method is to fill from bottom to top, taking care not to entrap air bubbles. Slightly overfill the joint, leaving a crowned profile, and allow to cure. If using two pass method, second pass should be done while 1st pass is still tacky. The crown may be easily razored off as early as 15 minutes after placement, depending upon temperature. We recommend testing various shave times to find the optimal shave, which results in a filler profile that is flush with the floor’s surface and free of any film from material overfill. If shave time is substantially delayed or if temperatures are low, Edge-Pro 90 shaving process may be more labored. Should filler cure below the floor surface (due to settlement into the void at base of joint, etc.), remove top ½” of filler and re-apply Edge-Pro 90