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Joint Repair

Armor-Hard Extreme

Armor-Hard Extreme Concrete Repair

Fast Setting Epoxy for Repairing Cracks & Other Surface Defects
Product Quantity 1.3 gal
Colours Dovetail Grey (See Product Overview)
Working Time 20 Minutes at 20F | 12 Minutes at 70F
Dry Time 15 Hours FT at 20F, 1 Hour FT at 70F | 18 Hours Grind at 20F, 1.5 Hours at 70F | 24 Hours FC at 20F, 2 Hours FC at 70F
SF Or LF 300 Cubic Inches | 232 Cubic Inches
Area Or Depth /Unit With Aggregate | /Unit Without Aggregate
Floor Or Wall Floors
Interior or Exterior Interior
Compressive Strength (PSI) 12800
Tensile Strength 2000
Shore Hardness D92
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
  • Colours: Liquid is clear, aggregate colours are Dovetail Grey, Standard Grey, Natural, (light tan, brown), & Porpoise

  • Use as a Mortar or Liquid

  • Once cured, Armor-Hard Extreme is acceptable for use in USDA/FDA regulated facilities

  • This product is for industrial use only. Use only in well ventilated areas

  • Quick set allows for foot traffic in 1 hour and normal traffic in 2 hours

  • Superior wear and impact resistance

  • Wider application range than most structural epoxies, from +120˚F (49˚C) down to 20˚F (-7˚C)

  • Low odour; 100% solids

  • USDA/FDA/LEED acceptable

  • Should not be used in active or moving joints unless a relief joint is formed or saw cut

  • For deep repairs at warm temperatures, install in maximum 1” layers to avoid shrinkage due to exotherm

  • Surface preparation may be accomplished by grinding, sawing, chipping, sandblasting, etc. Prevent featheredging by creating a vertical edge (1/2” minimum, 3/4” preferred) at outer point of defect to be repaired. Mix with Jiffy mixer @ slow speed, install immediately, spread with trowel (use Xylene on trowel if it creates drag)

  • Promptly install mortar into defect, spread evenly using clean steel trowel. Finish installing each unit before mixing the next. Trowel mortar to desired density and finish texture. If mortar starts to stiffen and creates trowel drag, wipe trowel with solvent such as denatured alcohol, toulene, xylene or MEK. The final material density and appearance will reflect trowel pressure and intensity