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PortaMix® MEGA HIPPO Mixing Stations


Industry Standard Mixing System For Self-Levellers
Power (110V) 20 Amp (2300 W)
3-Speeds 175 | 300 | 430 RPM
Bucket Capacity 23 gal / 6 Bags (50 lbs) / 350 lbs*

86 L / 6 Bags (22 kg) / 160 kg

Width 23 - 3/4 in.
Transport Height 48 in.
Tilting Cradle Balanced For Easy Operation
Weight 109 lbs
*220 V & Air-Powered Models Available
  • MEGA HIPPO comes with a new 3-speed motor that maintains higher speeds to handle a wider range of materials

  • Large batch capacity: mix up to 6 bags (23 gallons/350 lbs.) of self-levelers

  • Replaceable liners increase productivity and eliminate cross-contamination

  • Reduce labor costs by up to 86% AND increase output by up to 11x when used with a Pelican Transport Cart

  • Ideal for Mixing Compounds, including: Self-Levelling Over/Underlayments, Engineered Concrete, Cement Screeds, Sealants, Adhesives, Resins, Epoxies, Textured Coatings, Slurries, Cementitious Urethane, Pre-Tinted Material, Other Self-Levelling Compounds

  • Configure your ideal MEGA HIPPO system to maximize profit, increase output and boost your bottom line

  • The PMH80F-DC3.1 is ideal for flat floors. Allows accurate placement - pour and spread at the same time. 4 casters.

  • The PMH80X-DC3.1 is ideal for rough terrain. Increased height - pour directly into buckets or carts. 2 tires/2 legs

  • The PMP80 Pelican cart and cannister is ideal for transporting and pouring materials and mixing back-to-back batches

  • Standard Equipment includes: mixing motor (PH 2516 R), bucket, removable liner (PH705), canister cover with hinged lid (PH718) and 2 paddles – TW225 for half batches (2-3 bags) and TW225D for full batches (4-6 bags)

  • Less material recommended for optimal performance with use of heavier aggregate and thicker flowable material