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Mark-III Joint Clean Out Saw

High Performance, High Precision Saw
Power 120V Metabo 15 Amp W24-230
Cutting Depth Adjustable Up To 2 in.
Blades 7 Or 8 in. Up To 3/8 in. Wide
Weight 45 lbs
  • The U.S.SAWS Mark-III Joint Clean Out Saw is a high performance; high precision saw designed to clean out control joints, remove the old joint filler, and make straight, accurate cuts in concrete up to 2" deep

  • A specially designed blade guard allows the operator to see the blade yet still covers 98% of it for excellent dust control and a high degree of accuracy. The handle and frame are designed for more stability and adjustable height that rotates to get closer to walls or racks

  • This machine is constructed of an all steel tube frame with a polyethylene body to withstand years of use and abuse. Powered by a pair of Ametek 5.7” Two Stage motors, this vacuum produces 220 CFM. This vac comes with a 25 foot 2” hose. The large 12 pleat poly-felt filter allows continued airflow even when the 12.5 gallon dust bin is near capacity

  • The aluminum alloy chassis has a lifetime warranty. Powered by a 120V 15 amp Metabo 24-230. Uses 7 or 8" blades up to 3/8" (.375) wide. Blade depth is fully adjustable and has a depth lock to prevent overcutting

  • With the Tigertooth Blades or PCD milling blade, this machine will remove polyurea joint filler

  • Electric, portable joint clean-out saw ideal for joint clean-out, joint filler removal, decorative concrete, and concrete cutting

  • Adjustable blade depth with up to 2 in. cutting depth (with 8 in. blade)

  • Up-cut blade rotation cleans debris out of the joint

  • Solid aluminum chassis provides a durable and stable machine to allow for straight, accurate cuts

  • The Mark-III Joint Clean Out Saw has a vacuum port that allows for dust-free operation