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Impacts Shot Blaster S210E-40R


860 SF/hr (80 m2) Mobile Blast Machine
Measurement Standard | Metric
Blasting Power 5.5 HP | 4.0 KW
Travel Speed Up To 59 ft/min | Up To 18 m/min
Power Supply 220V/1 Phase 60Hz, 30A | 400V/1 Phase 50Hz, 16A
Working Width 8.25 in. | 210 mm
Blasting Capacity 861 SF/hr | 80 m2/hr
Length x Width x Height 43 x 11.8 x 39 in. | 1100 x 300 x 1000 mm
Weight 255 lbs | 114 kg
  • The IMPACTS S210E-40R is a very powerful, but compact and light weight mobile blast machine. The combination of the powerful wheel motor with an optimized separation system and the variable speed drive motor makes the machine very efficient

  • S210E-40R is specially developed to achieve a high blasting performance on small and medium sized areas.

  • Recommended With: Prep/Master® 3003AR Dust Collector

  • Achieve a high blasting performance on small to medium-sized projects

  • Travel speed: Self-propelled