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Paddle Mixer Xo 6 R

Powerful, Robust, & Uncompromising
Collomix Item No. 25147
Connection HF
Power 2.1 hp
Voltage 110 V
Gears 2
RPM 410 / 580 | 1/min
Mixing Quantity 24 gal
  • The Xo 6 R is the most powerful paddle mixer for larger mixing quantities. With a 2.1 HP motor, it’s a heavy-duty powerhouse to mix the most demanding materials with ease. Its two speeds and a throttle switch give you more control. It’s made in Germany with high-quality materials, making it a reliable workhorse on your jobsite. Four rubber bumpers protect the machine when it’s laid down, and also help absorb falls. Specially designed ergonomic handles reduce fatigue, while a raised handlebar ensures an upright working position to eliminate back strain. It’s designed for paddles up to 6.3 inch. With optional HEXAFIX® quick coupling, you can change paddles quickly without additional tools

  • Ideal for epoxy mortar, concrete, all types of mortar, and cement screed

  • The power paddle mixer: With a 2.1 HP motor and two speeds, it’s a heavy-duty powerhouse that mixes the most demanding materials with ease

  • 2-speed gearbox: Converting speed to torque – this requires an appropriately dimensioned gearbox in order to transmit the occurring forces to the paddle with as little wear as possible. Solid shafts and gear wheels ensure a long, failure-free service life. The ideal ratio means that you always have the full force of the machine at your disposal – be it at slow speeds for tough and heavy materials or in a fast gear for liquid, powdery materials

  • Ergonomic: Use less muscle power and more machine power. Collomix handheld paddle mixers are all designed according to ergonomic principles to eliminate hand and body fatigue. The machine is also designed to work in an upright position, eliminating back strain

  • HEXAFIX connection: Innovative and patented quick coupling for paddle changeover in no time, without additional tools

  • High-quality materials exclusively: You will feel the exclusive use of the highest quality materials every day when you use them on the construction site. Reliability is built right into the machine through the high quality of all individual parts. You will enjoy your Collomixer for a long time to come, as strong components make strong machines

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