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Collomix Xo 1 R

Paddle Mixer Xo 1 R

Compact, Ergonomic, & Powerful
Collomix Item No. 25105
Connection HF
Power 1.4 hp
Voltage 110 V
Gears 1
RPM 1.38 in.
Mixing Quantity 10 gal
  • The Xo 1 R is a compact and lightweight 1-speed machine for mixing smaller quantities. With a 1.4 HP motor, it’s powerful enough to mix multiple materials on the job site with ease. Comfortable ergonomics allow you to work in an upright position, eliminating back strain. It’s designed for paddles up to 4.72 inch. The patented HEXAFIX® quick coupling helps you switch paddles quickly without additional tools. Made in Germany with high-quality materials, it won’t let you down

  • Ideal for tile adhesive, concrete, mortar, and fillers

  • Compact yet powerful: The Xo 1 R is compact and lightweight and ideal for mixing small quantities. With a 1.4 HP motor, it’s powerful enough to mix many materials on the job site with ease

  • Ergonomic: Use less muscle power and more machine power. Collomix handheld paddle mixers are all designed according to ergonomic principles to eliminate hand and body fatigue. The machine is also designed to work in an upright position, eliminating back strain

  • Faster: Cleaning up dust costs time on the jobsite. With dust.EX, there’s no dust, so there’s no need for cleaning, saving you time and money to finish the job faster

  • HEXAFIX connection: Innovative and patented quick coupling for paddle changeover in no time, without additional tools

  • Quietly reliable: Die-cast aluminum means maximum robustness and longevity. Polished, solid steel gear wheels inside the gearbox and a sophisticated lubrication system give you a quiet and reliable machine

  • Speed regulation: You have sensitive speed control via the electronic switch. This means you always have the material under control. The safety switch also prevents the machine from starting up unintentionally

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