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Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction Device dust.EX

Mix Dust Free With dust.EX
Collomix Item No. 19040-225
Connection 1.38 in.
  • Simply clamp the dust.EX to the mixing bucket and connect to a vacuum cleaner hose for a clean and healthy jobsite. It’s compatible with most mixing buckets and clamps on for security. Switch the vacuum cleaner on for virtually dust-free working while filling or mixing. dust.EX reliably removes any escaping material so you can breathe easy and the job site stays clean

  • Safer: Less dust in the air means less dust to breathe in. The dust.EX makes your jobsite safer and healthier

  • Cleaner: A dusty jobsite is a real problem, especially during home renovations. The dust.EX is a professional solution for dust to keep your worksite clean and clients happy

  • Faster: Cleaning up dust costs time on the jobsite. With dust.EX, there’s no dust, so there’s no need for cleaning, saving you time and money to finish the job faster

  • Deduster: The requisite complement to the dust.EX: the VAC 35 M deduster, professional deduster with fine dust filter class “M”

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