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Consumables From Various Brands

We carry products from Prosoco, Lancaster, Seymour Midwest, Toolway, and Metzger/McGuire. Below you'll find just some of the consumables we carry - please reach out to us if you're looking for something specific that you don't see below.

Accessories and Sundries


Big Ben Tray

Chip Brushes

Construction Bags

Methyl Hydrate


Metzger / McGuire

8.7 mm x 24 Element Static Mixer (for Spal-Pro 2000 450ml)

9.5 mm x 24 Element Static Mixer (for Edgepro 80 & 90, RS88 & RS65 600ml)

10.7 mm x 24 Element Square Static Mixer (for Rapid Refloor 600ml)

Pump Mixer Tips And Clear Nuts Also Available at Request

Mops & Frames

Microfiber Frames

Microfiber Mop Pads

Extension Handles

Seymour Midwest


Cam Gauge Rakes

Spike Rollers

Spike Shoes


Cove Trowels


Joint Knives


9 Inch Deep Tray

Dual Cartridge Caulk Gun

Duct Tape

Utility Knives