CONSOLIDECK – Polished Concrete Protection

Consolideck Polishguard

Protective sealer for interior horizontal concrete floors

Consolideck® PolishGuard is a durable, protective coating that dramatically increases the stain resistance of interior concrete floors. This non-yellowing formulation enhances the appearance of standard gray, integrally colored, dyed, stained or color-hardened concrete floors. PolishGuard is ideal for steel-troweled, burnished, polished or decorative concrete and cement terrazzo floors that are exposed to accidental spills of food products, household cleaners and many industrial solutions.

  • Produces a long-lasting, tough protective shine on any interior concrete flatwork.
  • Perfect for floors hardened/densified with Consolideck LS, LS/CS and Blended Densifier.
  • Adds depth and luster to colored concrete, including surfaces decorated with Consolideck GemTone Stain and ColorHard.



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Consolideck LS Guard

Glossy sealer and protective treatment for concrete

New & Improved – now water resistant in 24-hours.

Consolideck® LSGuard® is a copolymer formulation that improves the surface sheen and stain resistance of conventional concrete, hardened concrete or cement terrazzo floors.

Consolideck® LSGuard® protects and enhances the color intensity of integrally colored and color stained concrete. LSGuard® provides a long lasting, high gloss finish that maximizes light reflectance and eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin based coatings.

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Consolideck Concrete Protector SB

Solvent-based, low-odor penetrating water, oil & stain repellent

Consolideck® Concrete Protector SB is a penetrating, reactive treatment that provides water, oil and stain repellency for every kind of finished concrete floor. Treated surfaces retain their natural texture and breathability. Concrete Protector SB improves stain resistance and simplifies maintenance cleaning of interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. Solvent-based and low-odor, this VOC compliant protective treatment is easily applied with pump-up sprayers.

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Consolideck SLX 100

Deep penetrating water, oil and stain blocker

Now with reduced VOC content below 350 g/L

PROSOCO SLX100® Water & Oil Repellent combines water and oil repellency to prevent staining by waterborne and oily substances. This modified ‘neat’ silane system offers invisible protection and low volatility.

The small molecular structure of SLX100 allows for maximum penetration at coverage rates higher than that of conventional silanes. This makes SLX100 ideal for protecting concrete, granite and other dense, color-sensitive surfaces.

SLX100 Water & Oil Repellent complies with all known regulations limiting the less water and less exempt solvent Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content of architectural coatings and sealers.

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Consolideck Saltguard

Deeply penetrating water and salt barrier

Saltguard® is a general-purpose silane/siloxane water repellent and chloride screen for concrete and masonry, including concrete block, and clay and concrete brick surfaces. Saltguard protects horizontal and vertical surfaces from moisture intrusion and chemical attack of chloride salts, reducing rebar corrosion and surface spalling.

Saltguard may be used on horizontal surfaces such as sidewalks, tile and brick pavers. It also provides excellent protection for retaining walls, bridge pilings and other vertical areas. In coastal areas, Saltguard protects against salt air by reducing chloride penetration. Saltguard also prevents deep-seated staining by mud splashes and other waterborne contaminants.

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