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Fast-Setting Horizontal Concrete Repair Mortar
Product Quantity 50 lbs
Colours Grey
Working Time 10-20 Minutes
Pot Life 10-20 Minutes
Dry Time 10 Minutes Initial Set | 15 Minutes Final Set | 2 Hours FT | 6 Hours VT & Seal
SF Or LF 0.4 CU.FT | 9.6 SF
Area Or Depth Per Bag 1/2" Thick
Floor Or Wall Floors & Walls
Interior or Exterior Interior & Exterior
Compressive Strength (PSI) Hour2 3500 | Hour3 4500 | Day1 5750 | Day7 7500 | Day28 11500
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
CG Concrete Guard
CD Concrete Dressing
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
HFT Heavy Foot Traffic (Forklift)
VT Vehicular Traffic
FUT Full Traffic
  • ARDEX TRM™ Transportation Repair Mortar Fast-Setting, Horizontal Concrete Repair Mortar is a formable, pumpable, pourable, Portland cement-based, microsilicamodified structural repair mortar for deteriorated exterior and interior concrete above, on or below grade. It can be used at depths ranging from 1/2” to 4” (12.7 mm to 10.2 cm) neat, and up to 8” (20.3 cm) when extended with aggregate. ARDEX TRM is fast-setting, allowing for foot traffic in as little as 2 hours and vehicular traffic in as little as 6 hours. It also is easy to apply and readily bonds to concrete. The resulting patch has low shrinkage, resists delamination and produces a surface suitable for normal commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential traffic. Typical applications include plazas, parking garages and balconies

  • Flexural Strength (ASTM C78): 7 days 850 psi 59.5 kg/cm2; 28 days 1100 psi 77.0 kg/cm2

  • Splitting Tensile Strength (ASTM C496): 7 days 550 psi 38.5 kg/cm2; 28 days 625 psi 43.75 kg/cm2

  • Modulus of Elasticity: 28 days 3.8 x 106 psi 2.7 x 102 kg/cm2

  • Direct Tensile Bond Strength (ASTM D4541): 28 days 240 psi 16.8 kg/cm2

  • Slant Shear Bond Strength (ASTM C882): 1 day 1250 psi 87.5 kg/cm2; 7 days 2000 psi 140.0 kg/cm2

  • Mortar (Max Scaled Material): 25 cycles 0.008 psf 0.000004 kg/cm2; 50 cycles 0.01 psf 0.000005 kg/cm2

  • Recommended Tools: A 1/2” to 3/4” (12 to 19 mm) low-to-medium speed heavy-duty mixing drill, heavy gauge square box (butterfly) mixing paddle, mixing buckets, measuring container, margin trowel, wood or magnesium float, steel trowel and wood planking for forming where necessary. ARDEX TRM also is suitable for mixing in forced action mortar mixers

  • Work a scrub coat of the mixed material into the primed or SSD concrete substrate, applying enough pressure to ensure good mortar-to-concrete contact. Apply the repair mortar while the scrub coat is still wet. If the scrub coat is allowed to dry, it must be removed mechanically and reapplied before applying the mortar. Once the mortar is applied, consolidate to remove any air pockets. When pouring into closed forms, the repairs should be vibrated to ensure full contact and to establish bond with the substrate, as well as to ensure proper consolidation. Avoid over-vibration. Steel trowel the mortar to the desired finish once it takes its initial set, giving consideration to any minimum surface profile that may be required for the installation of the intended finishing course