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ARDEX TL 1000™

ARDEX TL 1000™

Self-Leveling Underlayment
Product Quantity 50 lbs
Colours Grey
Working Time 10 Minutes
Pot Life 10 Minutes
Dry Time 4 Hours Walkable | 6 Hours (Not Moisture Sensitive) Tile & Stone | 12 Hours Porous Backed Carpet | 24 Hours Other Floors
SF Or LF 25 SF
Area Or Depth 1/4" Thick
Floor Or Wall Floors
Interior or Exterior Interior
Compressive Strength (PSI) Day28 4000
Tensile Strength 400
TF Tack Free
RC Recoat
CG Concrete Guard
CD Concrete Dressing
FT Foot Traffic
LT Light Traffic
DT Dry Through
FC Full Cure
HFT Heavy Foot Traffic (Forklift)
VT Vehicular Traffic
FUT Full Traffic
  • ARDEX TL 1000™ is a self-leveling underlayment formulated with a blend of Portland cement, other hydraulic cements and polymers. ARDEX TL 1000 is designed specifically for fast leveling of interior concrete, cementitious terrazzo or ceramic, quarry or porcelain tiles prior to installing flooring – on, above or below grade. It can even be installed over concrete treated with certain curing compounds (see below). Pourable or pumpable when mixed with water, ARDEX TL 1000 seeks its own level and produces a durable, smooth and flat floor surface with minimum labour

  • ARDEX TL 1000 must be installed at a minimum thickness of 1/8” (3 mm) over the highest point in the floor, which typically results in an average thickness of 1/4” (6 mm) or more over the entire floor. ARDEX TL 1000 can be installed up to a 1 1/4” (3 cm) thick. To match existing elevations, ARDEX TL 1000 can be tapered to as thin an application as the sand in the material will allow. If a true featheredge is needed, ARDEX recommends using ARDEX FEATHER FINISH for transitions

  • Ideal for large and super-format tile installations; Level and smooth new or existing concrete; cementitious terrazzo; ceramic, quarry or porcelain tiles; Can be tapered to meet existing elevations; on, above or below grade. It can even be installed over concrete treated with certain curing compounds ; pourable/pumpable

  • Recommended Tools: ARDEX T-1 Mixing Paddle, ARDEX T-10 Mixing Drum, ARDEX T-4 Spreader, ARDEX T-5 Smoother, ARDEX MB-5 Measuring Bucket (5 quarts / 4.75 L per 50 lb. / 22.7 kg bag), a 1/2” heavy-duty drill (min. 650 rpm), ARDEX DUSTFREE or standard “gutter hook” vacuum attachment and cleated athletic shoes with non-metallic spikes

  • Application: ARDEX TL 1000 has a flow time of 10 minutes at 70°F (21°C). Pour the mix onto the floor, and spread with the ARDEX T-4 Spreader. Immediately smooth the material with the ARDEX T-5 Smoother. Work in a continuous manner during the entire self-leveling installation. Wear cleated athletic shoes with non-metallic spikes to avoid leaving marks in the liquid ARDEX TL 1000